Does Gmail Offer Disposable Email Addresses?

Before we go the point that does aol mail offer disposable email addresses, we first know about what is the disposable email address? You need to provide your email address to almost all services before accessing the service. The problem of spam and unwanted messages are increasing.

Every time you provide your email address, you increase the risk of getting more spam and unwanted email messages. Here a disposable email address plays an important role and helps you to solve the problem of unwanted messages. You have to provide a different email address each time when you sign up for a service and keep the records of that unique email address. By doing this you can tell who is selling your email address in and where others are getting .

Why should I use a disposable email address?

The idea of disposable email addresses rises to become safe from black hat hackers and the underworlds of the internet. But there are many other reasons for which you should use a disposable email address. Below are some of the reasons mentioned in the article.

  • If you want signup of the store loyalty program and don’t want to get the product advertising emails, then use a disposable email address. If you use a disposable mail address you will never see those unwanted email messages, and if the store gets hacked your email address won’t get stolen.
  • Suppose you have developed a web application and want to test it before releasing it to the public. Create several disposable email addresses and them as for dummy accounts and test the app.
  • If you want to write an email to a newspaper editor without disclosing your identity. You can do that by using paper mail that sends a mail without a return address, but you can also do that by creating a disposable email address from.

Please note that the above mentioned are a few reasons, there are many several reasons for using a disposable email address.

How to create a disposable email and use it?

The easiest way to create a disposable email address would be to create a new gmail inlog account with Google, Yahoo, and other email service provider. But creating a whole new email account for just one new email address is trouble.
There are many email services provided that offer a disposable email address. However, Gmail offers a disposable email address. Rather you can create a temporary email address aliases.

If you want to know who gave your email address when you notice a spam message in your email account. Then you can know by using custom email addresses. Gmail does not offer a disposable email address but you can add a period in between your email address, or add a plus sign to yahoo at the end of your email and add custom text.
For example, if you are signing up for Amazon then enter [email protected] instead of [email protected] This will show you that the spam message you get in your email, is taken from Amazon.